Tool for checking of proxy servers

Proxy checker can:

  • Check IPv4, IPv6 addresses to country and city belonging
  • Determine connection type (НТТР(S), SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5) and current speed
  • Test proxies for anonymity
  • Grouped, high-speed, multi-thread proxy check
  • Upload a list of proxies and download scanning results in a convenient file format
  • It is convenient to display the results of the check up, thanks to the checker filter
  • Integrate anywhere thanks to the API
  • Recognize proxies in any list formats

In what format to add a proxy to the checker?

If you have public proxies (without authorization):
ip:port or protocol://ip:port
You may find it useful proxy list format converter
For private proxies (with login and password authorization):
ip:port:login:password or protocol://login:password@ip:port
! If you bought proxies from us, they are private

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Proxy checker: everything you need to know about this tool

A proxy checker is a tool by which users can check proxy servers and get all the basic information about them. The tool is free, regardless of whether the proxy is used for personal or commercial purposes.

The proxy checker will be useful for those who use proxy lists that include free proxies. And also for those who need to check paid proxies with authorization.

With this tool you will be able to: Check a big quantity of proxies. Choose out the unsuitable ones. Sort the selected proxy IP addresses by various parameters. This tool saves time when working with proxy lists, as well as money (you may be able to find free proxies of suitable quality for your task).

Proxy checker features

Proxy checker is characterized by the following features:

  • Working with proxy lists in different formats. You can upload lists for analysis in json, csv, txt and xls formats.
  • Uploading test results to different output formats. The resulting information can be downloaded as json, csv, txt or xls documents. And have the listing format: IP:Port or IP:Port:Login:Password.
  • Proxy checking reduction time is provided by multithreading. The free version of the proxy checker processes 20 streams simultaniously. If you want to increase this quantity (and, accordingly, the processing speed), you can buy a paid subscription (WEB TOOLS), within which the proxy checker supports 64 streams. For customers of our service, this feature is available free of charge.
  • Ability to perform proxy checks without authorization and with authorization. Check both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies.
  • In one session, you can check up to 100 addresses. Our clients can check more than 100 addresses in one session (an access code is required for authorization). The same opportunity is available for those who have purchased a paid subscription (WEB TOOLS).
  • Setting the display of scanning results. For example, you can exclude not working proxies from the final list (you just need to uncheck "not working").
  • Availability of API. Thanks to this, the proxy checker can be integrated with various third-party products (websites, programs, etc.). The API is available for users who have activated a paid subscription (WEB TOOLS). For our customers, the API is provided free of charge.

What information about the proxy does the proxy checker give?

With this tool you will be able to get the following information:

  • Type of connection supported by the proxy (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5).
  • The level of anonymity provided by the analyzed proxies.
  • Speed.
  • Location. The proxy checker provides information accurate to the city.

Additional feature of the smart checker

The proxy checker works with proxies in the classic ip:port or IP:Port:Login:Password formats. In addition, it implements support for various separators between fields in documents. In case you just copied the proxy list with unnecessary information. For example, if a list uses a tab character, a space, etc., as a separator, the checker will remove the excess, convert the list to the desired format and analyze it without any problems.

Regular links to other sites with proxy lists are also supported. To check, you need to add an address starting with http:// or https://.

И Proxy-checker will go to the site itself and will look for a proxy on it to check.

Subscription required

API access and extended functionality of the tools is available for customers of our service and subscription holders NETWORK TOOLS.

If you don't already have a NETWORK TOOLS subscription to get full access to our tools, you can purchase one here